1B.- consultancy services (pre-construction)

The more you plan, the more you achieve

We have our wide wind energy experience available to you right from the start, on the Pre-Construction Phase, where any minor issues might have a huge impact during the Construction and Post-construction Phases. We guide you throughout the whole process, detailing from an independent point of view about the different scenarios and options in order to optimise your investment.

With our expertise, we anticipate substantial cost savings if we are involved at the beginning of the Pre-Construction Phase.

We will give you our experienced advice on:

  1. Initial Planning.
  2. Project Feasibility.
  3. Electrical Grid Connection.
  4. Landowner Agreements.
  5. Environmental Impact.
  6. Financial Studies.
  7. Risk Analysis.

We will carry out for you:

  1. Investment vs Energy Production Scenarios analysis.
  2. Comprehensive costs definition.
  3. Programme of works.
  4. Road Surveys, Site Surveys, Geo-Technical Surveys.
  5. Civil and Electrical Pre-Designs optimizing costs.
  6. Procurement process: Invitations to Tender, comparative reports and clarifications for final contractor selection to be made, contracts’ review and negotiation, etc.